Who is The NFL's Most Improved Player.....

What time is it? IT'S TEBOW TIME!


Tim Tebow, in my opinion, is the most improved player in the NFL this season. Maybe his stats are not the best, but he has shown that you don't need stats to win. Since taking over for Kyle Orton as the starting QB, Tebow is 5 and 1.


Tebow usually runs more than he throws. If you were a wide receiver, would you want him as your quaterback? Many people say Tebow can't, can't, can't. He can't throw the ball, he can't lead the Broncos, and he can't be a starter in the NFL. Yet, all he does is win.


His statistics are not impressive, but the results are. In a win over Kansas City, Tebow completed 2 of 8 passes for 69 yards. Hardly an impressive outing, except for the score, a 17-10 Broncos win.


With last weeks win over the Chargers, the Broncos are in the playoff hunt. That's why everyone is saying, It's Tebow Time

Who Do You Think The Most Improved Player Is

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