As you all know, the NFL Draft is coming up. Here are the top three quarterbacks in my opinion, in the 2013 NFL Draft:

1. Geno Smith- He has great arm strength, mobility, and star power. His accuracy is okay, but he can improve. I think he will go to the Cardinals in round one. He will be the next QB in the Draft to flourish.

2. Matt Barkley- He has great poise, mechanics and comes from a good pro-style offense. He will have to go to a team that runs a west coast offense. He needs to work on his arm strength and his accuracy. I think he might go to the Bills in the first round and fill their void at QB.

3. Landry Jones- I think Jones can be a solid QB, is capable of many things, but he has room for improvement. I think he will go to a team where he can be a backup for a while and then come in and start. If he can do this, he might be able to be a serviceable QB one day. 


Matthew H