Which NFL conference do you think has the best teams?

I think the best division in the NFL is the NFC East. This division includes the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants. This is a tough division. All of these teams have many key role players. 


For the Cowboys, one of their key players is Dez Bryant. Last season he had 92 receptions, 12 touchdowns, and 1,382 yards. These are amazing stats in a season for a player that got hurt towards the end of the season.


The next team with a key player is the Washington Redskins. They have the triple threat- Robert Griffin III. He was an amazing rookie quarter back last year. I gave him that nickname because he is a threat to throw, scramble, and he has great QB vision. His stats from last year are 7 rushing TD's, 20 passing TDs, and 258 completed passes. For a rookie, this guy really put on a show last year!

The next key player is the Giants’ Victor Cruz. He was a huge asset for the Giants’ offense. His stats from last year were 86 receptions, 1,092 yards, and 10 TDs. These are exceptional stats for a receiver.


Lastly, the key role player for the Eagles was Jeremy Maclin. Maclin last season had 69 receptions, 857 yards, and 7 TDs. These are good stats for a receiver who also had to share touches with DeSean Jackson.

In conclusion, this is why I think the NFC East has the best division. They have many good players on each team in this conference. I can't wait until the season starts! 




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