What NFL Position I Want to Play

If I were an NFL player, the position I would want to play is wide receiver. Most of the time, wide receivers get the most yards and touchdowns, and if you read my first article about my favorite player, Stevie Johnson, then you know I really like stats -- and wide receivers get a lot of good stats.

I bet that a lot of people would like to be a quarterback or running back, but most of the time there are more wide receivers on the field than just the one or two of other positions. This means I would have more chances to be on the field for every play.

I think wide receivers also seem to have the most fun. Stevie Johnson's latest touchdown, last week against the Kansas City Chiefs, was a short pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick that he ran for a 49 yard score. He was so fast running through the defense and it made the crowd cheer big time! He went into the stands and celebrated with the fans, which looked like so much fun, and something I wish I could do.

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