What kept me active this fall?


School work and Sports are keeping me active this fall. Right now it is Football season and we have practice three days a week. Our record is 3-3. Football is a fun sport to me and there are a lot of fans to cheer you on! I am a Wide Receiver and a Cornerback.


Football keeps me active in many ways. There is one drill where we run from pole to pole on a baseball field. Other drills include lap running and the speed and agility ladder.


The next sport I will play is Basketball. I am a Point Guard and Shooting Guard for my Basketball team.

After Basketball I will play Baseball. In Baseball I am a Shortstop, Pitcher, and a Center Fielder. I play sports all year-around, which keeps my parents busy through the year.


School work has been keeping me busy this Fall, as well with projects and homework. I go to The Lovett School and am in 6th grade. This is my first year at Lovett and I like it so far. In Math we get homework mostly everyday and sometimes on the weekend. My teachers are nice and cool and I love the way they give us freedom in class (it makes me feel more responsible).


School and Sports has definitely been keeping me busy this fall. Sports is a continuous rotation all year. It has been this way since I was 4 years old.


Peyton Ringer
NFLRUSH Kids. Reporter

What is your favorite way to stay active in the Fall?