Week Two: NFC ala Ish!

You all are doing NFL Pick'Em, right?  It's cool if you make your own picks but if you're unsure at all, check out my answer key below.  See you Sunday at 11am EDT on Nicktoons!


Rams at Falcons

The Rams are Ram-tough but the Falcons will soar at home in a close game!

The Pick: Falcons


Vikings at Bears

This one will be a war but I like Da Bears.

The Pick: Bears  


Redskins at Packers

Go Pack Go!

The Pick: Packers


Chargers at Eagles

As much as it pains me to say it, I think we'll find out that the screaming Eagles have more charge than my Chargers do this weekend.

The Pick: Eagles


Lions at Cardinals

The Lions look fierce this year, but I'm calling the Cardinals in an upset!


The Pick: Cardinals (Upset Special!)


Saints at Buccaneers

Arrghh!  The Buccaneers will not have a chance when the Saints come marching in.

The Pick: Saints


Broncos at Giants

I think Eli gives Peyton a big noogie in this one.

The Pick: Giants


49ers at Seahawks

Brraaawwwk!  Another flying team at home.  Look out below, 49ers.  Look out below.

The Pick: Seahawks

Be sure to go to the Pick'Em page and make you choices!

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