Week Two Highlights: Broncos v. Bills

Week two of Preseason has been a great week for me as a Broncos fan. I was at this weekend’s Broncos-Bills game. It had some very good plays by both teams, but in my opinion the three best highlights were the Willis McGahee touchdown reception, the Terrence McGee interception, and the DJ Williams interception.


The McGahee touchdown was just a well run route and a great run after the catch. The Terrence McGee interception was a very good catch. It was almost like a Polomalu catch. The DJ Williams interception was lucky. It was all about being at the right place at the right time. But we are lucky DJ has good ball awareness or that would not have been caught! Go Broncos! I’m excited to see their next game.

Which do you think is the highlight or the week?

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