We’ve been hearing from a lot of you who are bored with us “just picking winners” all the time. This week, not only will we give you sure-fire winners in the games, we’ll also predict the key events for this week's slate of games.




  • 1. Panthers will upset the Buccaneers.
    • 2. Road teams will win more games than home teams.
  • 3. There will be 3 overtime games.
  • 4. Browns will upset the Cowboys!
  • 5. Jimmy Graham will score 2 TDs!
  • 6. RGIII will rush and pass for TDs!
  • 7. Frank Gore will score the first TD on Monday Night Football!




  • Packers over the Lions
  • Texans over the Jaguars
  • Ravens over the Steelers 


Last Week:                 3-0

Season Record:         17-1