Versus: Brian Hartline vs. Candy Hearts

It's Valentine's Day and it's only a matter of time until you see those chalky, sweet candy hearts.  They have tiny messages of love on them but we all know they have a dark side.  Enter Dolphins WR Brian Hartline. When you have a name like "Hartline," you are going to become a staple of everyone's Valentine's jokes.


The Scenario:  Brian Hartline gets an annoymous Valentine's Day gift.  It's a box of those candy hearts everyone pretends to love.   He opens it up and pops one of the candies into his mouth.  He notices something strange about it so he looks at the box for clues. He finds the expiration date and realizes he's made a big mistake.  These candy hearts have gone bad... really bad. 


Who wins, Brian Hartline or the candy hearts?

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