USA Football: Quarterback - Reverse Pivot

The reverse pivot is a fundamental that every quarterback needs to understand and execute in a football game. 


You must pivot away from the center for this type of handoff.  It begins with a cheat step, which is a short step up with the foot in the direction that you desire to go.  The cheat step is important because it ensures that you will not separate too quickly from the center when receiving the handoff. 


Once receiving the snap, pivot on the cheat step foot by turning the foot inside which brings your hips and body around as you take a second step with the far foot.  As this motion occurs, you will be turning your back to the line of scrimmage for a moment as you pivot and take the second step.


Your head controls your body. As you are pivoting you must turn your head around as quickly as possible so that you can see the running back.


Once completing your second step, extend the football in the motion of the handoff to the running back or execute an underhanded two-hand toss. 

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