USA Football: Offensive Back - Three-point Stance

Begin by starting from a basic breakdown position. From this position move to a four-point stance. To move to the four-point stance, reach straight ahead with both hands and place them on the ground even with the front of their shoulder pads.


In this position you should be on the balls of your feet, back should be level, and shoulders should be square.  As in everything you do in football, your head must be up. To easily move to a three-point stance, lift one hand off the ground and rest the forearm on the inside of your thigh. Placing the forearm on the thigh will keep you from having your shoulder tilt.


When using a three-point stance from the split back formation it is often important to place your hand straight down from their shoulder pads, placing only the tips of your fingers on the ground.  Now you will be in a more balanced stance with less weight on the hand so that you can move forward, right or left with the same speed the instant the ball is snapped.

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