Upset Alert: Ravens Will Stop Patriots

QB Tom Brady has won three Super Bowls, the last one coming in 2005.  But that was a long time ago and this weekend will be all about the Ravens.  The Ravens RB Ray Rice was the number 2 rusher in the league during the regular season and the Patriots defense was the second worst defense in the NFL and will struggle to get stops. So you know the Ravens will put points on the board.  The real battle will take place between Brady and the Ravens defense.  The Ravens have the players to match up with the biggest weapons, WR Wes Welker and TE Rob Gronkowski.  Ravens are stacked with LB Ray Lewis, Safety Ed Reed, LB Terrell Suggs, DT Haloti Ngata... the list goes on and on. This isn't the Broncos, this is an elite squad hungry for a win and that is why Brady is in trouble.

Hey Patriots! You're on Upset Alert!

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