UNLOCK(ER) the top Combine Performer

" slip or dropped pass can cost a prospect millions of dollars in potential salary"

This year’s Scouting Combine is in the books. Now, we begin the countdown to the 2011 NFL Draft.


Before a player can be drafted, however, he most often has to perform well at the Combine. A player’s draft stock can be affected severely, for better or for worse. In an extreme case, one slip or dropped pass can cost a prospect millions of dollars in potential salary. Every year, one player in particular always impresses and raises their value. This year, it was. . .


Jake Locker, QB, University of Washington. He had been projected as high as the number one pick at the beginning of this season. However, after a senior season that did not quite live up to expectations, some wondered if he was first round material. He certainly showed that he was. Locker had a strong showing in all of the events, and quality and consistency are well regarded traits.


That’s about it for now, although I’m sure there will be a lot of talk and debate about Combine performances for a good amount of time to come.


Kid Reporter-KC

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