Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Team - WR Final

Andre – Calvin – Demaryius – DeSean


Imagine if one team had a four-wide set with these options!  


The defense wouldn’t stand a chance!


Almost as unfair would be to add any of these four stars to a team that has Peyton Manning as the QB and Marshawn Lynch as the RB.  They would form the ‘ultimate” team.


This is exactly what we are asking you to do.  Select one of the four WR finalists to be a member of this year’s Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Football Team.


Good luck, it won’t be easy!


Wide Reciever Finalists


DeSean Jackson – Washington Redskins

Andre Johnson – Houston Texans

Calvin Johnson - Detroit Lions

Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos


Who is the ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy WR?

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