Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Team - West WRs

The top wide recievers in the NFL West divisions are a nice mix of proven veterans (Fitzgerald, Boldin & Bowe), red hot youngsters (Allen, Austin & Streater) and two in players in their prime (Thomas, Tate).


Some phenomenal WRs are you going to choose just one?

AFC and NFC West WRs


Keenan Allen – San Diego Chargers

AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year, Allen could be come a fantasy star this year.


2013 Stats:  1048 Receiving Yards - 8 TDs – 146 RUSH Fantasy Points


Tavon Austin – St. Louis Rams

Rookie Austin came on strong by the end of the last year and should be a force in 2014.


2013 Stats:  418 Receiving Yards - 5 TDs – 85 RUSH Fantasy Points


Anquan Boldin – San Francisco 49ers

Great 2013 numbers should only get better in year two on the 49ers.


2013 Stats:  958 Receiving Yards - 10 TDs – 154 RUSH Fantasy Points


Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs

As the Chiefs only legitimate deep threat, Bowe faced double coverage all year and still put up strong numbers.


2013 Stats:  673 Receiving Yards - 5 TDs – 97 RUSH Fantasy Points


Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals

Fitzgerald just keeps cranking out big years for the Cardinals.


2013 Stats:  958 Receiving Yards - 10 TDs – 154 RUSH Fantasy Points


Rod Streater – Oakland Raiders

While the Raiders were searching to find their QB of the future, Streater showed he might be ready to break out.


2013 Stats:  888 Receiving Yards - 4 TDs – 123 RUSH Fantasy Points


Golden Tate – Seattle Seahawks *

Tate led the Seahawks in receiving in their Super Bowl season. 


2013 Stats:  893 Receiving Yards - 5 TDs – 123 RUSH Fantasy Points


*Signed with the Detroit Lions.


Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos

With his combination of size and speed, Thomas is a match-up nightmare.  Having Peyton Manning throwing to him only adds to his fantasy football desirability.


2013 Stats:  1,430 Receiving Yards - 14 TDs – 227 RUSH Fantasy Points


Who is the best WR in the NFL West?

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