Some are exuberant youngsters. Some are cagey veterans. Some are steady, silent assassins. Some are loud, flashy showmen.  


The wide receivers of the NFL South divisions come in all styles.  


Which one do you want to nominate for the Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Football Team?


AFC and NFC South WRs

Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints

Colston makes big plays but has to share QB Drew Brees with TE Jimmy Graham.


2013 Stats: 943 Receiving Yards – 5 TDs – 124 RUSH Fantasy Points


Harry Douglas – Atlanta Falcons

1,000+ yards shows huge potential but he needs to hit pay-dirt more often.


2013 Stats: 1,067 Receiving Yards – 2 TDs – 114 RUSH Fantasy Points


Vincent Jackson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Reliable and dangerous deep threat but will he get enough balls?


2013 Stats: 1,224 Receiving Yards – 7 TDs – 164 RUSH Fantasy Points


Andre Johnson – Houston Texans

Fantasy juggernaut but Houston struggled to reach the end zone last year.


2013 Stats: 1,407 Receiving Yards – 5 TDs – 170 RUSH Fantasy Points


T.Y. Hilton – Indianapolis Colts

Great speed and Luck.


2013 Stats: 1,083 Receiving Yards – 5 TDs – 138 RUSH Fantasy Points


Cecil Shorts – Jacksonville Jaguars

With improved QB play the future is bright for Shorts.


2013 Stats: 773 Receiving Yards - 3 TDs - 92 RUSH Fantasy Points

Steve Smith – Carolina Panthers *

He is one of the toughest WRs in the NFL and should be a favorite target for Joe Flacco.


2013 Stats: 745 Receiving Yards – 4 TDs – 95 RUSH Fantasy Points


* Now on the Baltimore Ravens


Kendall Wright  - Tennessee Titans

1,000+ yards shows huge potential but he needs to reach the end zone more often.


2013 Stats: 1,079 Receiving Yards – 2 TDs – 120 RUSH Fantasy Points




Who is the best fantasy WR in the NFL South?