All week long you've narrowed it down to the final four.  Cam Newton did not make the list.  Russell Wilson? He won the Super Bowl, but he did not make the list.  How about Andrew Luck? Surely he made the list, right? Nope.

Your final four contenders for the Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Team QB are:
Tom Brady
Drew Brees
Peyton Manning
Aaron Rodgers
Tom Brady seems like a pretty good choice. But then there's this Drew Brees guy, he's a fantasy football machine. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning made history with his numbers last year. And oh yeah, Aaron Rodgers can sling the pigskin with the best of them.
There can be only one!
Who is it going to be, NFL RUSH nation?  Who is the Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Quarterback?

Who is the ultimate RUSH Fantasy QB?