Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Team - North WRs

Wow. The AFC and NFC North divisions have some funkadelic, freaky fantastic wide receivers.  


You want fast? The North has it. You want big? The North has it. You want sticky hands? The North has it.

Here's the thing: the North has a ton of wide receivers who are fast, big, AND have sticky hands. These guys are flat out awesome.
You can only nominate one for the Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Football Team.  Who's it going to be??? 

AFC and NFC North WRs 


Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers

HUGE fantasy numbers from Mr. Brown.


 2013 Stats: 1,499 Receiving Yards – 8 TDs – 199 RUSH Fantasy Points


Josh Gordon – Cleveland Browns

HUGE-R fantasy numbers from Mr. Gordon.

2013 Stats: 1,646 Receiving Yards – 9 TDs – 227 RUSH Fantasy Points

A.J. Green – Cincinnati Bengals2013

This just in - A.J. Green is one of the best players in the NFL!

2013 Stats: 1,426 Receiving Yards – 11 TDs – 209 RUSH Fantasy Points


Greg Jennings – Minnesota Vikings

A great veteran but does he have the QB to deliver?

2013 Stats: 804 Receiving Yards – 4 TDs – 104 RUSH Fantasy Points


Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions


2013 Stats: 1,492 Receiving Yards – 12 TDs – 219 RUSH Fantasy Points


Brandon Marshall – Chicago Bears

Best Bears WR in a long time put up big fantasy numbers in 2013.


2013 Stats: 1,295 Receiving Yards – 12 TDs – 205 RUSH Fantasy Points


Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers

Being Aaron Rodgers' go-to guy is good for your fantasy football stats!

Stats: 1,314 Receiving Yards – 8 TDs – 179 RUSH Fantasy Points


Torrey Smith – Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco’s favorite deep threat just keeps getting better and better.

2013 Stats: 1128 Receiving Yards – 4 TDs – 139 RUSH Fantasy Points



Who is the best Fantasy WR in the NFL North?

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