Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Team - North QBs

Last set of division QBs: the North.

Some HUGE arms in this group...which one do you like best?
Be sure to come back tomorrow when we'll match up all the division winners against each other and you can pick the Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Football QB!

AFC and NFC North QBs

Jason Campbell – Cleveland Browns

This cagey veteran is capable of putting up big fantasy numbers at any time.

2013 Stats: 11 TDs – 2,015 Passing Yards – 115 RUSH Fantasy Points


Matt Cassel – Minnesota Vikings

Doesn't have the big numbers but does have moxie. 

2013 Stats: 12 TDs – 1,807 Passing Yards – 108 RUSH Fantasy Points


Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears

One of the true gunslingers in the NFL.  Cutler's capable of having huge games against any opponent.

2013 Stats: 19 TDs – 2,621 Passing Yards – 167 RUSH Fantasy Points


Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals

Andy became a fantasy football star in 2013. 

2013 Stats: 35 TDs – 4,296 Passing Yards – 288 RUSH Fantasy Points


Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens

Some say Joe came down a little after his super season in 2012 but those 2013 stats look pretty sweet to us.

2013 Stats: 19 TDs – 3,932 Passing Yards – 208 RUSH Fantasy Points


Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the most reliable stars in the NFL.  Big Ben always delivers. 

2013 Stats: 29 TDs – 4,261 Passing Yards – 259 RUSH Fantasy Points

Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers

We expect him to come back strong after missing games last year. 2013 Stats: 17 TDs - 2,536 Passing Yards - 169 Fantasy Points


Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions

A cannon for an arm + a Megatron to catch the ball = fantasy football awesomeness.

31 TDs – 4,650 Passing Yards – 279 RUSH Fantasy Points


Who is the best fantasy QB in the NFL North?

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