Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Team - NFL North Defenses

The Steel Curtain. The Monsters of Midway. The Purple People Eaters. The Purple Pain. 


The NFL's black and blue divisions are known for tough defenses with cool nicknames.


Not quite all of them lived up to those expectations last season, so it's up to you to determine the best one.


AFC & NFC North Defenses

Baltimore Ravens

A modest year in Raven terms as they worked-in younger players. Look for a big upswing next season.


2013 Stats: 40 Sacks – 24 Turnovers  - 3 TDs - 125 RUSH Fantasy Points


Chicago Bears

The Bears expect more from their defense, which is why they went out and signed Jared Allen and Lamar Houston.


2013 Stats: 34 Sacks – 28 Turnovers  - 5 TDs - 117 RUSH Fantasy Points


Cincinnati Bengals

Hear them roar!  The Bengals defense got it done last season.


2013 Stats: 43 Sacks – 31 Turnovers  - 7 TDs - 170 RUSH Fantasy Points


Cleveland Browns

They did a good job of adding pressure to the QBs, but there’s still room for improvement.


2013 Stats: 40 Sacks – 21 Turnovers  - 4 TDs - 114 RUSH Fantasy Points


Detroit Lions

With their talented DL, you’d expect more sacks, but they did improve.


2013 Stats: 34 Sacks – 28 Turnovers  - 5 TDs - 120 RUSH Fantasy Points


Green Bay Packers

Based on last season we should call them the Green Bay Sackers.


2013 Stats: 44 Sacks – 22 Turnovers  - 3 TDs - 110 RUSH Fantasy Points


Minnesota Vikings

They would be wise to improve the offense in order to keep the defense off the field.


2013 Stats: 41 Sacks – 20 Turnovers  - 3 TDs - 90 RUSH Fantasy Points


Pittsburgh Steelers

They did a fair job at keeping teams from scoring, but didn’t really perform up to their standards.


2013 Stats: 34 Sacks – 20 Turnovers  - 3 TDs - 115 RUSH Fantasy Points


Which was the best fantasy Defenses in the NFL North?

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