Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Team - NFL East Defenses

Manning - Lynch - Johnson - Graham... ?


We're down to the final piece of the Ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy Football team...the defense!


We need a fantasy football defense that does it all: gets turnovers, sacks the QB, is stingy with yards allowed and even stingier with points allowed. 


Who will be the ultimate D?  First up are your choices from the East.


AFC & NFC East Defenses


Buffalo Bills

The Bills are quietly building one of the best young defenses in the NFL.


2013 Stats: 56 Sacks – 30 Turnovers  - 3 TDs - 144 RUSH Fantasy Points


Dallas Cowboys

The most impressive stat has to be their five defensive TDs.


2013 Stats: 34 Sacks – 28 Turnovers  - 5 TDs - 120 RUSH Fantasy Points


Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins had an up and down year defensively, but their 42 sacks were impressive.


2013 Stats: 42 Sacks – 24 Turnovers  - 2 TDs - 120 RUSH Fantasy Points


New England Patriots

Tom Brady and the offense get the publicity but the Patriots defense was rock solid last year.


2013 Stats: 48 Sacks – 29 Turnovers  - 3 TDs - 144 RUSH Fantasy Points


New York Giants

It was not a bad year for the Giant defense but not quite up to their standards.


2013 Stats: 34 Sacks – 27 Turnovers  - 3 TDs – 119 RUSH Fantasy Points


New York Jets

The Jets did a good job applying pressure on opposing QBs but need more turnovers next year.


2013 Stats: 41 Sacks – 15 Turnovers  - 2 TDs - 95 RUSH Fantasy Points


Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles defense was excellent in causing their opponents to turn the ball over.


2013 Stats: 37 Sacks – 31 Turnovers  - 2 TDs - 121 RUSH Fantasy Points


Washington Redskins

2013 was not a great year defensively for the Redskins but the 5 TDs were not bad.


2013 Stats: 36 Sacks – 26 Turnovers  - 5 TDs - 112 RUSH Fantasy Points


Which is the best fantasy defense in thew NFL East?

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