Two Top Rushers Meet in Hawaii

Two awesome running backs will meet in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl! Playing for the AFC will be Arian Foster of the Houston Texans, while Michael Turner of the Atlanta Falcons will represent the NFC.

Arian Foster is new to the Pro Bowl, but he's here for a reason! Incredibly, Arian was not drafted out of college and joined the Texans as a free agent. Arian quickly showed what he can do, and in his first game this season broke multiple records including most rushing yards by a Texans player in a single game.

Michael Turner has been to the Pro Bowl before, back in 2009. Since coming to the Falcons in 2008, Turner has been fantastic. In his very first game he broke the Falcons' record for most rushing yards in a single game! He currently owns the team record for most rushing TDs in a season.

Who will rush for the most yards in Hawaii? Watch the 2011 Pro Bowl on Sunday, January 30 at 7pm ET on Fox, and find out!

Who's your pick - Foster or Turner?

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