Turkeys and Touchdowns

My football season tradition is that every Thanksgiving, I go to my great uncles' house. We eat turkey and watch football.


We do this every year, and I always I look forward to talking smack about how good my fantasy team is in my family's league (I was 8-1 last year, imagine how angry they were). We always watch the Lions, Cowboys and Jets play, and yell and cheer when our fantasy players do well. It is fun to see the joy or disappointment from fantasy football. It is very competitive in my family!


I am looking forward to this year's Thanksgiving party because I get to cheer on my Houston Texans against the Lions. Our family is also very split between the Dallas Cowboys and the Texans, and I might finally get to rub it in their faces this year. I look forward to Thanksgiving every year!



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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