Top 5 Recent Draft Steals

What is a NFL Draft "steal?" It's when a team gets an awesome player in one of the later rounds of the draft.

Some of these guys are future Hall of did so many teams miss on them???

Top Five Recent Draft Steals


5. Elvis Dumervil (2006)

Denver Broncos, 4th Round -126 Overall

Were there really 125 better players in the 2004 draft?  We kinda doubt this, too.


Career Stats: 256 Tackles, 73 Sacks and 18 Forced Fumbles

Accomplishments:  3 Pro Bowls – NFL Sack Leader (2009)


4. Jared Allen (2004)

Kansas City Chiefs, 4th Round -126 Overall

Ah...that's amazing.  Both Allen and Dumervil were the 126th player picked in their respective drafts.  Coincidence? 


Career Stats: 555 Tackes, 128 Sacks and 29 Forced Fumbles

Accomplishments:  5 Pro Bowls –NFL Defensive Player of the Year, 2 time NFL Sack Leader

 3.  Robert Mathis (2003)

Indianapolis Colts, 5th Round - 138 Overall

Whenever you can draft a future Hall of Fame DE in the 5th round, we suggest you do it!


Career Stats: 487 Tackles, 111 Sacks and 48 Forced Fumbles

Accomplishments:  6 Pro Bowls –Super Bowl Championship – AFC Defensive Player of the Year


2. Marques Colston (2006)

New Orleans Saints, 7th Round - 252 Overall

We’re not sure how the Saints found Colston, but Drew Brees sure is glad that they did.


Career Stats: 449 receptions, 6,240 yards and 48 TDs.

Accomplishments: 1 Super Bowl Championship - Saints All-Time Leading Receiver


1. Tom Brady (2000)

New England Patriots, 6th Round - 199 Overall  

Wow...just wow. The Patriots finding Tom Brady in the 6th round is like finding a winning lottery ticket.


Career Stats: 4,178 Completions, 49,149 Passing Yards 359 TDs.

Accomplishments:  9 Pro Bowls - 3 Super Bowl Championships – 2 NFL MVPs


Who was the biggest draft steal?

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