Throwback Thursday

Some pretty awesome players have helped shape the game we've all come to love.   Each Thursday we are going highlight one of them and see just how cool these guys were.  


First up: Hall of Fame Cleveland Browns QB Otto Graham (1946-1955)

Otto Graham was one of the most dominant players of his era, taking the Cleveland Browns to the league championship game every year between 1946 and 1955.  That's ten straight years...and he won seven of them!  


Over his career Otto averaged 15 TD passes and 5 ½ rushing TDs per year. In 1952, his most prolific season, Otto threw for 2,816 yards and 20 TDs in just 12 games. 


Those numbers made Otto a fantasy football stud for his time, but by comparison, last season Peyton Manning threw for 5,477 yards and 55 TDs!


What else was happening in 1955?


Disneyland opened in California on July 17th.


Hot dogs cost 5 cents.  Get two!


Ray Kroc started the McDonald's.


The first Guinness Book of World Records was published.


What were the kids listening to and watching in 1955?


Singers: Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and The Platters.


Movies: Rebel without a Cause, Oklahoma, and To Catch a Thief.


TV Shows: Lassie, The $64,000 Question, and Dragnet



Most amazing part of this story?

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