Throwback Thursday - Bobby Waterfield

Some pretty awesome players have helped shape the game we've all come to love.   Each Thursday NFL RUSH highlights one of the best so you can see just how cool these guys were. 


This week we feature former Rams legend Bob Waterfield.


The Cleveland Rams drafted UCLA QB Bob Waterfield in 1944. He hit the league like a tidal wave, becoming the first rookie ever to win MVP and leading the Rams to the NFL Championship.


He signed a three-year contract for $20,000 per year, which made him the highest-paid player in pro football.


In his first four seasons, Waterfield also played defense and intercepted a career total of 20 passes. As a place kicker, he had 315 successful PATs and 60 field goals, and as a punter, had a 42.4 yard average.


You read that right: Bob Waterfield played quarterback, defensive back, kicker and punter!


Waterfield's best weapon was the deep ball. He led the NFL in passing in the 1946 and 1951 seasons, and ended his eight-year career with 814 completions, 11,849 yards and 97 touchdowns.


He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1965.


What else was happening in 1946?

Bread cost 10 cents a loaf.


The first meeting of United Nations General Assembly was held.


A new car cost $1,400.

The movie "It's a Wonderful Life" premiered.

A major undersea earthquake near Alaska, measuring 7.4 magnitude, caused a tsunami that reached Hawaii some 2,400 miles away.

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