Three Games Left. . .

While the Ravens’ season may be over, that doesn’t mean that there is no more football for the rest of the year, although it sure feels like it. We still have two conference championship games left before the Super Bowl. Here are my breakdowns for the final games. Who will make it to the Big Dance, 45th edition?




Both teams are coming off hard-fought wins, the Steelers against Baltimore and the Jets against New England. Both are certainly used to smash-mouth football. The question now is who can establish their offense while maintaining their defense? For this game, my heart says the Jets but my head says the Steelers. While I will be rooting against the black and gold, my honest pick is for them to make it to the Super Bowl.


Prediction: Steelers 27, Jets 23




Division rivalries in the playoffs are always fun! The Packers have essentially been playing elimination games since the end of the regular season. The Bears may seem like the obvious choice, given that the game Chicago won against the Pack had more laundry (on the field) than a locker room. However, Green Bay seems to have rectified those mistakes.


Prediction: Packers 14, Bears 7


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Which team was the biggest disappointment in the playoffs so far?

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