Thomas or Ingram?

The battle to be starting RB for the New Orleans Saints is getting down to the wire. Whomever wins this competition will be a major fantasy player, as are all starters on this high-powered offense.


Pierre Thomas

Players come and go, but unheralded RB Pierre Thomas keeps on trucking. He’s not the fastest, not the biggest back, but if you like players who give everything they’ve got, then he’s your man. He goes all-out in every play, catches passes, and does a good job on blitz pitch-ups.


Mark Ingram

"Mr. Heisman Trophy" has had a quiet couple years in the league, but he has a star quality that makes you believe he could bust loose at any time. This might be his year to shine, as Saints head coach Sean Payton has vowed to get back the running game this season. We have seen Ingram make big plays in college, so we know he’s capable. The question is: Will he deliver?



Who will be the starting RB for the Saints?

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