The Road to the Super Bowl

"After being a longtime Charger, I kind of want LT to get a ring"

Hi all you NFL Rushers! Did everyone enjoy the Playoffs last weekend? I was very surprised that the Jets took care of the Patriots but I think every other game went according to the predictions.

In the NFC, I think the Green Bay Packers will be the representative in the Super Bowl. They are running on all cylinders, especially that defense led by Clay Matthews.

In the AFC, I think Pittsburgh will win. Although I will be rooting for the Jets, I am a USC Fan and have to cheer on Mark Sanchez. Yes I know Troy P. was a Trojan too. Also, after being a longtime Charger, I kind of want LT to get a ring.


I hope everyone enjoys this weekend’s games. I know I will! With the weather so perfect out here in San Diego, I just might be enjoying it in shorts and a T-shirt.


Kid Reporter Kody

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