The Panthers Draft Pick: Cam Newton

"He will raise the spirit of the team and its fans to a new level." The Panthers best draft pick was definitely Cam Newton because of his speed and accuracy. If his pass protection breaks down, he can make something else happen, as he has the ability to break a lot of tackles. The Panthers will have a much better season since they picked a great quarterback, a position they really needed help with.

The Panthers had a tough season last year because they didn't have a successful quarterback. Cam Newton is also special because he is a good leader. He will raise the spirit of the team and its fans to a new level.

I am so excited about this season. I live in California but my family is taking a trip to North Carolina this season so we can see my favorite team, the Panthers, in person as they take on the Minnesota Vikings in October. It will be my most exciting night of the year. Go Panthers!

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