The One Who Falls Short

As the season is almost over, the playoff picture is getting tighter and tighter. Some teams will sneak into the playoffs and some teams with a winning record will fall short


I think the Dallas Cowboys will have a winning record and not make the playoffs. With a current record of 8-6, the Cowboys will face the Bucs, Eagles and Giants.


If the Giants lose all their remaining games and the Cowboys win, the Cowboys will make it to the Playoffs. They beat the Bucs this past Sunday, but anything can happen against the Eagles and Giants.


In the past, the Cowboys have been a terrible December team, and it's the same this year with 2 questionable losses. You just have to wonder what is going on. Jason Garrett icing his kicker, and then a blocked field goal against the Giants.


Hopefully, the Giants will hang on and the Cowboys will not make the playoffs.

Will the Cowboys make the playoffs?

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