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My name is Jordan and I just turned 9 this past September. When I lived in Arizona I sat on the sidelines and watched my older brother CJ practice football and play his games. I would asked my mom and dad to sign me up! Each year they would say no. When we moved to California my parents signed my brothers to play football. I couldn't stand missing out on all the fun and workouts. This year my parents finally said ok.  Football has been way cool! I love it! It is everything I thought it would be!


I played quarterback, line backer, defensive end and more. It was hard at first to learn everything but got easier. My coaches say I rock because I average one touchdown a game, and ran the ball at least 100 yards a game.  Staying in shape makes me feel strong.  I know that is why I was able to run the ball make those touchdowns, tackles, and fumble recoveries.


Favre Vikings


I never saw myself as a girl playing football.

  1. I just saw myself as an individual player who exercised daily, gave it my all, and had fun. We lost our championship game 12 to 14. Even though we lost we still won with the workouts, new friends and overall experience.


We drove by the practice fields this week.  It looked so empty.  I told my parents I missed football practice.  I hope we have more players next season.   I started my commitment to PLAY 60 and fighting the battle of obesity.  I am staying active by exercising daily.  I can’t wait for the next football season.  I hope to see you out there.


Favre Vikings

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