The Oldest Rivalry Hits the Championships

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There is no rivalry in NFL history older or more intense than the one between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. Dating back to the 1920s, these original NFL teams have been battling it out since the start of the league. In the 90 years that they've been playing each other, they've played 181 regular and post season games! of those games!

Yet after all these, the only time before this season that the two teams met in the Playoffs since 1941 - that's 70 years! The next time they had a chance of hooking up in the Playoffs was 1994, when both teams were knocked out of the running in the first round. They came close again, in 2001, but once again, both teams were knocked out of the running before the NFC Championship game.

Who will win? It's up in the air, as both teams have spent 90 years trying to one up the other. Over the course of the 181 games they've played against eachother, the Bears have the lead with 92 wins, while the Packers have 83. However when it comes to titles, the Packers take the lead, with 8 Conference Titles and 4 trips to the Super Bowl, while the Bears have won 4 Conference Titles and have been to the Super Bowl twice.

This game will be big! Both teams look to make even more history and move onto the Super Bowl - will the Bears inch closer to the Packers title history, or will the Packers inch even further ahead? Find out Sunday, Jan 23rd, at 3:00 pm Eastern on FOX!

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