The NFL RUSH Ultimate Fantasy Football Team - West QBs

What's your ultimate NFL RUSH Fantasy? NFL RUSH Fantasy Football team, that is.  

Over the next few weeks you get to vote for the best QB, RB, WR, and TE in each division.   We’ll then match up the division winners, per position, to find NFL RUSH's best fantasy player at each position.


BONUS: All of this review should make you an unbeatable fantasy force when next season rolls around!


Sam Bradford – St. Louis Rams

Sam was out for much of 2013 and plays in the tough NFC West. 2013 stats: 14 TDs – 1,678 Passing Yards - 119 RUSH Fantasy Points


Colin Kaepernick – San Francisco 49ers

Kap is a threat to score from anywhere on the field with both his arm and his legs.  2013 stats: 25 TDs – 3,197 Passing Yards - 264 RUSH Fantasy Points


Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos

Greatest fantasy season ever last year. Did he peak or can he do it again? 2013 stats:  56 TDs (56 touchdown passes!!!!) - 5,477 Passing Yards - 410 RUSH Fantasy Points


Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers

Rivers always has great stats and if the Chargers can play consistently, those stats will only  get better. 2013 stats: 32 TDs – 4,478 Passing Yards - 287 RUSH Fantasy Points


Alex Smith – Kansas City Chiefs

Mr. Solid.  Not flashy but dependable week in and week out. 2013 stats: 24 TDs – 3,313 Passing Yards - 253 RUSH Fantasy Points


Carson Palmer – Arizona Cardinals

Carson had a huge year for the Cardinals last year. 2013 stats: 24 TDs – 4,274 Passing Yards - 217 RUSH Fantasy Points


Terrelle Pryor - Oakland Raiders

With Matt Schaub coming in, Terrelle might not be the best pick. 2013 stats: 9 TDs – 1,798 Passing Yards - 145 RUSH Fantasy Points


Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl champ, scores with his arm and with his legs, totally dependable. 2013 stats: 27 TDs – 3,357 Passing Yards - 270 RUSH Fantasy Points


Holy cow that's a LOT of great QBs...who did you choose?


Who is the best Fantasy QB in the NFL West Divisions?

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