The NFL RUSH Ultimate Fantasy Football Team - South QBs

Monday you voted on the best QB in the East.  And Tuesday you voted on the best QB in the West.

Today you get to vote on the best QB in the South...and it's not going to be easy!

AFC and NFC South QBs

Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints

The Big Easy's Breesus is a fantasy star, year in and year out.

2013 Stats:  42 TDs – 5,162 Passing Yards - 358 RUSH Fantasy Points


Mike Glennon – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This youngster showed a lot of promise in his rookie season.  Is he fantasy ripe yet?

2013 Stats: 19 TDs – 2,608 Passing Yards – 158 RUSH Fantasy Points


Chad Henne – Jacksonville Jaguars

Chad can rally the team and lead them to victories but does he have the fantasy numbers to be the best?

2013 Stats: 13 TDs – 3,241 Passing Yards – 161 RUSH Fantasy Points


Jack Locker – Tennessee Titans

Missed much of last season. It will be tough for Jake to advance here.

2013 Stats: 8 TDs – 1,246 Passing Yards – 100 RUSH Fantasy Points


Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts

Every Fantasy Football team needs a little Luck, right? (OK, OK, we used the "Luck" joke for the millionth time already...get over it!)   

2013 Stats: 27 TDs – 3,822 Passing Yards – 292 RUSH Fantasy Points


Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers

Cam is just starting to peak and scores fantasy points with his arm and his legs. 

2013 Stats: 30 TDs – 3,379 Passing Yards - 298 RUSH Fantasy Points


Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons

Mr. Steady Matt Ryan puts up great fantasy numbers every year.

2013 Stats: 26 TDs – 4,515 Passing Yards - 248 RUSH Fantasy Points


Matt Schaub – Houston Texans *

The veteran with three 4,000+ yard seasons now leads the Raiders. 

2013 Stats: 10 TDs – 2,310 Passing Yards – 105 RUSH Fantasy Points


* Traded to the Oakland Raiders 


Who is the best Fantasy QB in the NFL South?

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