The League Wants Quarterbacks!

Did you miss any of the Draft? Catch up on NFLRUSH's Draft coverage in Fan Central! Looking at the 2011 NFL Draft, you can see that a lot of teams were quarterback hungry. In last year's draft only 3 quarterbacks were chosen in the first 50. This year that number has doubled to 6.

The big story this year has been Cam Newton. The Auburn quarterback was the first pick and is now a member of the Carolina Panthers. But Cam Newton isn't the only rookie quarterback with a lot of talent joining the league:

* Washington Huskies star QB, Jake Locker, was the 8th pick and is heading to the Tennessee Titans. Locker was the Pac-10 Freshman of the Year in 2007 and had a stellar career in Washington.

* Blaine Gabbert, the Missouri-QB-turned-Jacksonville-Jaguar, has "a quick release and has the arm strength to make all the throws" according to

* The Vikings picked FSU star QB, Christian Ponder, who was the 2011 Senior Bowl MVP.

At the draft it is always hard to tell which players will make the most of their potential. Which drafted quarterbacks do you think will have the greatest impact on the upcoming season? Let us know what you think!

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