The Best 32: Charles Tillman

We thought it might be fun to get the opinions of the NFLRUSH community on which player the best one on all 32-teams. We randomly selected the Chicago Bears to be the next team for this poll. 



Based on their skills and importance to the team, we narrowed down their roster to the 5 finalists listed below in alphabetical order.

Jay Cutler (QB)

Matt Forte (RB)

Brandon Marshall (WR)

Charles Tillman (DB)

Julius Peppers (DE)

Our Pick: Charles Tillman

Charles “Peanut” Tillman is a one-man wild bunch for the Bears defense. He plays with the combined skills of a shutdown corner and an unstoppable tackling machine. He finished last season with ten forced fumbles, which led the league, and three interceptions returned for touchdowns. With skill like his, the Bears are lucky he’s on their team.

Who is the best player on the Bears?

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