The Best 32: Aldon Smith

We thought it might be fun to get the opinion of the NFLRUSH community on which player is the best on all 32 teams. We randomly selected the San Francisco 49ers to be the next team for this poll.

Based on their skills and importance to the team, we narrowed down their roster to the 5 finalists listed below in alphabetical order.

Frank Gore (RB)

Colin Kaepernick (QB)

Aldon Smith (LB)

Justin Smith (DE)

Patrick Willis (LB)

Our Pick: Aldon Smith
Aldon Smith has the singular ability to completely disrupt opposing teams' passing attacks by putting unrelenting pressure on the QB. In just two seasons, he has already surpassed Hall of Famer Reggie White as the fastest player in league history to record his 30th career sack. The scary part, for 49ers opponents, is that he’s going to get even better.

Who is the best player on the 49ers?

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