Tebow Time




Hey fans...I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. Baseball is going great right now but getting anxious for football season to begin.


Big football news....Tebow to the Patriots...Hmmmm, this could be what Tim needs. I think having him under the wings of Brady will help mold the new Patriot into a great QB. Tebow will be a great QB once he steps back and takes in what the veteran Brady offers to show him. I also think once the spotlight is off Tebow and he can get a fresh start will definately be to his advantage.



Patriots should use Tim in situations when they need to throw the other team off a little, even if it is just a few plays here and there. Good experience and strategy for both!



Until next time.....keep your Play 60 on!!



"Respect the Training, Honor the Commitment, Cherish the Results!"














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