Super Bowl: War of the Fans!

Hello I'm Evan R. and let me just say what an awesome season it has been for both teams! It's also the one year anniversary for me writing articles! Anyway today I'm going to talk about my Super Bowl predictions! But I want you guys to be involved this time! In the comments if your voting for the Seahawks say SEATTLE! If your voting for the Broncos say DENVER! After your done, join the community of your team that your voting for and talk with them. Just before kick off you guys could have an all out WAR OF THE FANS! The rules are at the end of the article. So let's get kicked off shall we?

I Predict:
Broncos 24-20 Because:
The Broncos offense is so good that they will put the defense under pressure which will send Seahawks' offense under pressure to make a play. Russel Wilson will have to face big defensive linemen which will send him out of the pocket. That's when the defense will have to make plays in the backfield which will determine if the Broncos will win or not.

The Rules For The War:
No Offensive Language if your going to trash talk.
No Making people angry; IT'S JUST A GAME PEOPLE!
Be good sports and HAVE FUN!

Thanks for tuning in and have fun! This is Evan R. and I'm signing out!
As always, GO PACKERS!!!!



What Type of Will You Start?

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