Super Bowl Predictions

Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl this year? Well, I'll tell you my prediction. 

For the AFC, in the Wild Card round, I think the Bengals will beat the Texans. Although it will be a close one, I think due to all of the Texans’ injuries the Bengals will win. Also, I think the Steelers will beat the Broncos.

In the Division round, I think the Patriots will blow out the Bengals.Then, in the big rivalry, I think the Ravens will finally win in the playoffs, but the game will be close and will go to overtime. It will be the Ravens defense that seals the win. Then, in the NFC, the Giants will surprise the Falcons and win.


I believe Drew Brees and the Saints will beat the Lions. And the Packers will beat the Giants in a close game. 

Then, the two 13-3 teams battle, but the Saints will ultimately win. When the Packers play the Saints, it'll be an offensive battle, but the Saints will get a couple more defensive stops and win. 

I think the Saints will win Super Bowl XLVI! 


I can't wait to see what will happen!

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