Stevan Ridley's Awesome Dad


Stevan Ridley did not just become the New England Patriots star RB all on his own; he had a lot of help along the way. In addition to his great mom Carolyn, Stevan also had the guiding hand of an awesome dad, Leon.


Thank you, Leon Ridley, and have a fantastic Father’s Day!


NFL RUSH: What is your favorite Father's Day memory you have of your son?


Leon Ridley: Simply the fact that he always seems to do whatever possible to be there, even if he has to travel great lengths to do so. It doesn't what we do or what is said, just being there is enough.


NFL RUSH: What is one football memory you have of your son, either from youth football or the NFL?


Leon Ridley: Thinking of Stevan my fondest memory is from when he was playing Pop Warner and he lumbered down the sideline on run of more than 40 yards! Why was it so special? He was too big to play running back in the youth league, so we put him at tight end for one play and the result was and is history! I'm still smiling and Stevan is still running! Thanks for allowing me to smile!


NFL RUSH: What is the nicest thing your son ever did for you?


Leon Ridley: That's a tough one, and not because he hasn't done plenty of wonderful things. I would have to say that it was and continues to be just being a loving, caring, and thoughtful son. That is just who he is, and I couldn't ask for anything more.




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