Sit Em Start Em - Triple Impact Weekend!

These three are on a record-breaking pace, so if you might just consider starting a couple of them this week.
- QB: Aaron Rodger – Green Bay Packers
- QB: Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints
- QB: Tom Brady – New England Patriot

- QB: Tony Romo - Dallas Cowboys
Romo leads a desperate Cowboy squad against the floundering Bucs.
- RB: Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans
Chris seems to have gotten back on his game. Watch out Colts!
- WR: Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints
Colston is Drew Brees’ main target, which is code for start him right away.

- QB: Alex Smith – San Francisco 49’ers
Smith will find things tough going as he faces the brutal Steeler’s blitzes.
- RB: Ryan Mathews – San Diego Chargers
LB Ray Lewis’ return to the stout Raven defense spells doom for the Chargers rushing game.
- WR: DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles
DeSean, welcome to Revis island. Enjoy, your day off.

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