Sit Em Start Em - Brady Remains Solid

QB:  Tom Brady – New England Patriots
Brady and the Patriots will score at will against they undermanned rival, Colts.
RB:  Ray Rice – Baltimore Ravens
Look for Rice to have a huge game against the floundering Browns.
- WR:  Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions
Megatron has been kinda quiet lately. This will change during this week’s shootout against the Saints.

- QB:  Rex Grossman – Washington Redskins 
The Jets will make things tough on Rex to get much done against their stellar secondary.
RB:  Toby Gerhart – Minnesota Vikings
Denver’s stout DL will keep Gerhart under wraps.
- WR:  Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City 
Expect a low-scoring slugfest this week as the Bears come to town.

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