Sensational in Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks have the best receiving corps in the NFL. It is hard to believe how strong their offense is. Their quarterback Russell Wilson will help all their receivers have great a season. Sidney Rice isn't the most durable player, but he is an important piece to the Seahawks. He is great with deep post routes and long-yardage plays. When he is healthy, Rice will be very successful.


The signing of Percy Harvin was a bold move that revealed to the NFL that the Seahawks are going to be tough when passing the football. He was injured last season, but when Harvin is healthy, he will be top 10 in yards gained. Harvin is great one on one with safeties and corners. He will pick up many first downs and short touchdowns. Harvin is their guy guaranteed!


 Another young talent for the Seahawks is Golden Tate. Tate is only 24 years old. With players injured, he was the leader of their receiving core last year. I will predict that he will be the #2 guy next year given his potential. The last receiver that will have an impact, whether it is big or small, is Doug Baldwin. He has great speed, good hands, and is very eager to succeed. Baldwin is a young Andre Johnson, and it is possible he could turn out to be as good as he is one day.

The thing that surprises me the most is the tight ends on their roster. They are receivers as well as blockers. Zach Miller is fantastic! He was the leading receiver in the playoffs and it surprises me how much he gets the ball for a blocking tight end. Lastly, Anthony McCoy is impressive. We have seen him briefly on the field when Miller needs a break. But don't get me wrong, he is pretty skilled. He is fast and I even saw him block some good defensive ends. He attended USC where the Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll also coached him. Carroll must see something good in McCoy.


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