Since we're certain that you read every single NFL RUSH update, we're letting you prove it by answering trivia based on this week’s posts. Whether or not you know the answers, post your thoughts in the comments!


1. Which user suggested the caption, “Who put glue on the balls,” to the Mr. Football photo?


2. Which world leader did the Ravens team meet with this week?


3. What were this week’s new RUSH ZONE gear items?


4. What former Florida University star signed with the New England Patriots this week?


5. Who was the Avatar of the week?


6. Where did Greg Jennings go to college?


7. Which NFL rookie‘s high school football team had a 16-0 record during his senior year?


8. How many more seasons does Aaron Rodgers plan to play?


9. Which NFL player was ranked 23rd in the 'Top 100 Players of 2013' list? 


10. PLAY 60 suggests you fuel your body with what type of food?