Two Princes Face Off! Who Wins?

Two princes face off, Giants Cornerback, Prince Amukamara and Prince William, second in line to the Brittish crown. How do these two regal combatants measure up?


Despite being born in America, Prince Amukamara is next in line to become the chief of his family's tribe in Nigeria - take that, second-in-line Prince William. In his college days, Prince studied psychology and sociology, so he knows how to get into an opponent's head. After college, he just so happened to be drafted and go to the Super Bowl in the very same season. In case you forgot, Prince and the Giants won that game.


Prince William might be second in line for the Brittish crown, but that crown is useful in twelve different countries. When he got married, they also made him a Duke, so you might want to call him Duke Prince William Arthur Philip Louis. When he's not busy appreciating how long his name is, Prince William works as a search and rescue pilot, which you have to admit, is pretty awesome. 


Which prince will come out on top?

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