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If you want more information about Kurt's iPhone app, ask your parents and check it out in the iTunes store.

Torgogog: He's a Super Bowl winner, a Super Bowl MVP, and a two time NFL MVP.  He's in the top 10 of highest career passer ratings of all time.  He's coming into the Rush Zone today to talk with you about playing in the NFL and about his new iPhone app, Kurt Warner's Football 101 for Kids.

Hi Kurt, welcome to the NFLRush Zone!


Torgogog: What’s your favorite meal?

Kurt Warner: My favorite meal is pizza. I love pizza with a lot of toppings in it.


Torgogog: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Kurt Warner: I was a Cowboys fan growing up, so I was a Roger Staubach fan. I was also a Walter Payton fan because I liked Chicago.


Torgogog: What is your favorite Pizza Topping?

Kurt Warner: One of my favorite toppings is pepperoni.


Torgogog: Which stadium has the loudest fans?

Kurt Warner: Kansas City, Tennessee and pretty much all of the dome stadiums.


Torgogog: What is your greatest NFL moment?

Kurt Warner: Hmm, tough one.  It’s got be either taking two different teams to the Super Bowl or throwing the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. They are both great memories.


Torgogog: Kurt Warner’s Football 101 is your latest project.  What can kids do with this app on their iPhone?

Kurt Warner: The app is an instructional app. The app itself, like a game, has 4 quarters. It takes the user through the ins and outs of football including formation, rules, scoring, offense, defense, and so on. It’s an interactive app that makes learning the game interesting and fun. It’s a great way for kids to learn the basics of understanding the game. It’s good for anyone who wants to learn about football.


Torgogog: Do you play games?  What are popular games with you and your kids?

Kurt Warner: Popular games at my house - Madden (both of his kids love Madden). We just recently got the Xbox Kinect.


Torgogog: Whom do your kids root for?

Kurt Warner: My kids are mostly Cardinal fans, but they also have their own teams.  One son likes the Miami Dolphins and my other son is a fan of different players. 


Torgogog: Who are some of his favorite players?

Kurt Warner: He likes Andre Johnson, Ray Lewis, Antonio Gates, etc... he likes to wear a different jersey every day.


Torgogog: What did you like to play growing up?

Kurt Warner: Growing up, I was just a sports nut from very early on. I don’t really know what got me into it, other than just playing. I got signed up for football at the community center and loved the game and became a sports junkie. Every moment that I wasn’t doing homework, I was out playing football and baseball and basketball.


Torgogog: Did you play any position besides QB?

Kurt Warner: When I was younger I wanted to be a wide receiver. I was a tight end in junior high. It wasn’t until later in high school that I became a QB.


Torgogog: What is the best advice you were given as a QB?

Kurt Warner: The best advice I ever got as a QB was “have a short memory” You have to be able to move on to the next play if you throw an interception returned for 100 yards. You have to be able to bounce back after a tough play and come back big.  The same goes for making a big play.  You always have to be ready to move on to the next play.


Torgogog: Do you have any advice for young QBs out there?

Kurt Warner: Always try to be consistent. Try to be the same guy every time you step onto the field so that everyone knows what they’re going to get out of you. Work just as hard regardless of the situation.


Torgogog: Who are some of your favorite players to watch?

Kurt Warner: Being that I was a pocket passer, I like watching QBs that can pick a defense apart. Phillip, Tom, Peyton. I just like watching the game and I appreciate watching the position in general.


Torgogog: OK, seriously… Steelers or Packers?

Kurt Warner: I want and I think the Packers are going to win. The Steelers have won a lot of rings and I’d like to see someone else get a chance. The game is about winning championships and I want other people to be able to experience that.


Torgogog: Who do you think will have the better game at QB?

Kurt Warner: I think Rogers will have the better numbers but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to have the better game.


Torgogog: What do you think of the new overtime rules?

Kurt Warner: Not a huge fan of the overtime rules. I like that both teams get the ball, but it’s weird that touchdowns are different than field goals. There’s too many “if this you do... if this you don’t”... it changes the game.


Torgogog: What is it like to run onto the field with 80,000 cheering fans?

Kurt Warner: In a normal situation you get to 80,000 fans and you just sort of tune it out. But if you’re talking about the Super Bowl it’s pretty amazing. Going out there realizing that millions of people outside of the stadium are watching you. It’s surreal when they call your name and you run out on the field.


Torgogog: Do you miss playing?

Kurt Warner: I’m loving retirement. It’s been fun. My first priority gets to be my family and so I get to be there for anything that they do. I also get to take advantage of things like Dancing with the Stars, cameos in the movies, working with my foundation, etc... things I never expected to be able to do and certainly couldn’t do if I was still playing.


Torgogog: What’s harder, reading defenses or raising 7 children?

Kurt Warner: Raising kids is harder than reading a defense. Those kids are going to grow up and change the world.


Torgogog: How hard was Dancing with the Stars?

Kurt Warner: Dancing with the Stars was hard, but I really really enjoyed challenging myself to do something new. It wasn’t football, but it was still about performing live and wanting to do well.


Torgogog: Have you ever thought about coaching?

Kurt Warner: I can see myself coaching.  I think that would be a lot of fun. But I don’t see myself ever coaching at the professional or college level. There’s just too much time away from my family. I want to see my kids grow up.


Torgogog: When you were growing up, did you ever imagine yourself winning the Super Bowl?

Kurt Warner: Yes, I did, all the time.  I think growing up I thought I would one day be a Super Bowl champion. I dreamed about it a lot. We’d watch the Super Bowl and we’d go outside and play the first half in our front yard. We’d finish the game outside after the game and pretend to throw the winning pass at the end.


Torgogog: Will you go to the Super Bowl?

Kurt Warner: I’ve only been to one Super Bowl that I wasn’t playing in and I was miserable. I want to be out there playing. Maybe it’ll get easier as I get older. I’ll watch the game on TV though, but being there is still tough.


Torgogog: What’s your favorite Super Bowl snack?

Kurt Warner: We have a cheese chili dip while the family watches at home.


Torgogog: Who is your family rooting for?

Kurt Warner: I think a lot of my family is rooting for the Packers, but there are a few of us who expect the Steelers to win.


Torgogog: What advice would you give to the kids in the NFLRZ?

Kurt Warner: Don’t let anyone tell you can’t fulfill you dreams. I had a lot of things go against me along the way, but if you believe in yourself and work hard you will reach your goals. There’s really no reason other people can’t do it too.


Torgogog: Thanks for joining us today. Here's a code for playing with us:  Kurtwarner101.

If you want more information about Kurt's iPhone app, ask your parents and check it out in the iTunes store

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