Pro Tips: Cut-N-Smash

Have you played
Cut-N-Smash yet? Head over to the NFL RZ and check it out now!
When playing Cut-N-Smash, it helps to know what all the power-ups do and how you can use them to beat the Blitz Botz!

1. Stack The Deck
When you see the playing card symbol pop up, grab it to "stack the deck" and scare 4 of the 5 Blitz Botz on screen.

2. Greenway
Grabbing the greenway power-up will turn the paths of scared Blitz Botz green. Jump in these lanes to successfully make it to the next group of Botz.

3. Power Fists
Hitting the power fist power-up makes two giant fists fall from the sky and flatten some of the Botz.

4. Growth Potion
When you see the growth potion on screen, grab it to grow giant. Once you're huge, you can run over any Bot whether it's brave or scared!

It's important to remember that all of these power-ups eventually wear off. Don't get caught in front of a brave Blitz Bot when that happens!

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