Potato Sack Hop For a Touchdown - Dwayne Bowe



Props: Football, Potato Sacks, Garden Hose

Time: 5-10


Take a garden hose and lay it out across the ground to create a starting line, then pick out a far away tree in the park or backyard you are in.  Next, place a football directly in between the garden hose and the tree.  To begin the game hop as fast as you can to the football and pick it up with one hand, while still holding onto to the potato sack (if you don’t have at least one hand on the potato sack at all times during the game, you will be disqualified).  Then, hop with the football to the tree.  The first person to cross the line with the football in their arms will be declared the winner.  To add difficulty to the game, hop with the football all the way to the tree and back to starting line.


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